Departures from Design Portal Guidance

Strategy behind the Standard

Not all potential active travel schemes will be able to fit into the guidance that is outlined in the Design Portal. Any that are not will need to go through the departures procedure outlined on this page in order for the scheme to be approved. It is important to go through this procedure as soon as any potential departures are noticed, to cause minimal disruption to the scheme should it not be able to proceed.

All schemes submitted for departure will be held to review against existing standards, and must be determined to be safe for all potential users. Should the departures be accepted, they will be submitted for a review to see if the departures should be added to the recommended practice for ECC schemes, however, it should not be assumed that if one departure is approved, that the case will be the same for all similar schemes, unless the design guidance has been updated. In the case that the design guidance has not been updated, the similar departure will still need to be submitted via the form below.

The form available below will need to be filled in with as much detail as necessary before being sent on to the active travel design champions at . They will provide guidance on feasibility and areas to improve before the form will then be sent on to be approved by the Project Manager,  Project Sponsor, Head of Network and Safety and Head of Network Development.

This form will act as a certificate that will prove that the correct departures process has been followed.

ECC Recommendations

How the Standard should be applied

This standard should be applied for ALL departures from the current guidance outlined in the design portal.